Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Training and Weight Loss - March 2015 update

It is the evening of the last day of March, so I'm pretty confident there will be no more changes to my "March" data :-)
My health has had the "all clear", with just another 6 weeks of "just in case" treatment, before reverting to my long-term "standard" treatment ...
... and I got some more training in :-)

The thermodynamic weight loss model - burn up more calories than you stuff in your face, and you get thinner really seems to be the "right" one. Even the comtroversial "Atkins Diet" seems to achieve weight loss primarily through calorie control.
So, on to this month's "moving".
The "big news"is that I ran 16 kilometres, up from my "best" of 10 km last month
Strava crashed, so only 14.9 km got recorded, but hey, "I" know I did the rest!

Admittedly, I was a bit "staggery" for the last kilometre or so, and I tripped and fell at just over 15km, but got up again, and carried on.
That was my longest run for about thirty years!
So I am pretty happy about that.
Definitely another good "milestone"!

Other than that, the Strava figures came in at
Cycling: 307 km (target was 300 km)
Running: 78 km (target was 50km), with another 167 km logged as walking
Climbing: 1928meters (target was 750m) but that figure does include climbs while running, as well as climbs while cycling!
Longest Ride: 51.1 km (target was 50 km)
Longest Run: 16 km (target was 10km), but Strava crashed after 14.9km!

So, despite my health concerns, I still achieved all my "modest" training targets for the month!

I covered my "best" running times recently, and they haven't improved again (yet).
I'm looking for further improvements in April, though!
The most significant improvement in time for a run from February to March is my 10K time - which improved by over 11 minutes!
(But it is still just over the hour)

So still not that fast, really.
But I'm still not aiming to be a runner!
The running is just to support my general health and fitness and to provide a cardio-vascular workout that will support my cycling (!)
And, judging by the number of new PRs I set for cycling in March, the running seems to be paying off!

And the weight loss?
6 ways to measure weight - something for everyone!
So how much have I lost?
Well, depending on which "smoothing" method you use, I have lost somewhere between 1.4 kg and 3.4 kg in weight in three months.

Anyway, I'll be posting updates on the weight and training fronts in due course, so stay posted!
The method given in The Hacker's Diet (as suggested by Cam Caine), using daily weights, is as good as any, and that gives about 2.4kg for the three months - 800g a month, or 1.75 lbs a month.
Boring, steady, weight loss.

2.4kg off me is the same in cycling terms as 2.4kg off the weight of the bike, and I'm fitter and healthier for it, too!
I really need to lose another 3 or 4 kilos (7 to 9 lbs) to get back into the top of the "healthy weight" band. So I have quite a bit more work to do!

For April my cycling target includes at least one 60km ride, so that'll be a good test of my state of fitness, and although it is not a "formal" target, I would like to get my 10K time below the "one hour" mark as well.

Update 2nd April:
The extra running seems to be making a difference to my weight. I find it is much easier to fit in a quick 30 minute run (about 5K for me) than it is to fit in the same calorie usage of cycling.
Diet wise - I am not doing that much - I'm just tyring to eat a few less donuts and a few more cans of chickpeas!

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