Thursday, 12 March 2015

Monday is Lidl Bike Day!!!

Lidl has another Bike Spectacular on!
Starts Monday 16th March, 2015.

Jackets, helmets, lights, saddles, etc. etc.
they tend to have a few unlisted things, like tyre foam cans, as well, so you have to go to find out exactly what is available.
Strictly "amateur" stuff, so if you specialise in "big name" gear, or fancy your self as a "semi-pro", then the stuff is unlikely to appeal to you.

But for us day-to-day commuters, and "casual" users, their stuff is great.
I did a 100-mile-in-a-day journey last year on one of their saddles, and while it lacked something in durability and build quality, I could still walk the day afterwards (!). I was impressed for just 15 quid.

'Er indoors says I should get one of the workstands, so I might just get one.

They have lights, too.
I bought a set of their lights last time, and ... it didn't go too well :-(
Probably give it another try, and be SUPER CAREFUL with the light unit - the switch was what failed last time, so I'll try to be very gentle when switching it on and off (!)
The lights look from the advert like the same unit I had trouble with, but this time they are bundled with rechargeable batteries and a charger for a tenner (just the light plus "disposable" batteries was 7 quid last time).
I'll definitely be keeping the receipt in a safe place, anyway.

And one last goodie - they have a Bluetooth HRM chest belt for 15 quid (!!!)
I believe it only works with Bluetooth 4 (and an appropriate iOS/Android phone).
My old Android 2.3.5 'phone isn't going to cut it, but if I get one, my wife's phone (running Android KitKat) meets the bill. I'm sure she won't miss it that much ...

See you Monday!

Update: Got a set of lights and the HRM chest belt.
Stand was too big/heavy for Anna to carry, so I'm going to look at them tomorrow.

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