Saturday, 13 December 2014

Anna and I went shopping

Quite a bit of shopping can be carried on a pair of cheap bikes!
This is what Anna and I bought today.
Today, Anna and I went shopping on our bikes.
We took, obviously, our bikes (Anna's has a basket mounted on it), our one serviceable Bike Bins pannier, our Pacific Outdoor pannier, a cheap pannier from Aldi, and a rucksack.
I HATE wearing a rucksack while cycling, but Anna seems to quite like it (!)
Bit like the famous Jack Sprat and his wife, I guess :-)
So Anna went down to Tesco to get a few bits, while I looked in B&Q for parts for a plumbing job I have coming up (I looked, but didn;t buy any!). Anyway, Anna met me in B&Q. Then on to Aldi together for some more bits, then finally Lidl for quite a bit of shopping.

Our bikes, loaded up to come home, outside Lidl.

The stuff in bags - the loose pile is from the BikeBins pannier, and the blue bag
was carried in Anna's basket

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