Saturday, 13 December 2014

VeloViewer goes Pro, and I look like stopping using it.

You have heard me raving about VeloViewer on this blog, and I even encouraged you to donate to the running costs  - I myself, donated a fiver ($8, 6 euros).
However, VeloViewer has decided to become a professional project, not just an enthusiastic amateur providing an add-on to Strava.
I am informed (on my VeloViewer page) that the "free" version will now only show my most recent 25 rides.
As a daily commuter, this has no benefit for me over that available in the "free" version of Strava - I often do that 25 rides in as little as two weeks.

I fret not about my "precious" data - I am one of those folks who believe the best is still in front of me, so I don't need to keep harping on about one "lucky" ride in the past, with a hurricane-strength tailwind (that I will "accidentally" forget to tell you about!!) that is supposed to somehow "prove" I am anything other than a slightly fat commuter.

So I guess that is it for me and VeloViewer.

Unless some major extra functionality is offered (such as a weight-tracking feature, similar to that in MapMyRide), I just don't see it being worth £10 ($16, 12 Euros) a year to me just to have Strava data "repackaged" - indeed, I might as well just pay for the premium version of Strava!

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