Sunday, 21 December 2014

Bike Bins Pannier Repair

The replacement parts arrive

Three screws (and captive mounts inside the pannier) are all that holds the mounting rail on.
The handle just opos over a couple of little stubs, and was easy to move from the "old" rail to the "new"

All done and dusted. I could have swapped the grey twist-rings from the new rail
with the black ones of the original, but leaving them grey reminds me which pannier
has been repaired, and which one hasn't!
A REALLY easy fix for our Bike Bins Pannier.
Our 12-year-old daughter undid the three screws that are all that holds the mounting rail to the pannier, while I held the "captive" nuts inside.
The three screws to undo are the ones right at the two ends and the one i  the middle of the top.
(The two other screws that have flatter heads and fit flush with the surface of the mounting strip secure the two "click-fix" hooks to the mounting strip).

So, just for reference, the part I used was the "Rixen Kaul / Altura Twist Hook and Rail" sold by SJS Cycles. Rixon and Kaul make quite a few bits and bobs, and I recognise the "Altura Twist Hook complete" as being EXACTLY what came mounted on our Pacific Outdoor shopping pannier!

If the link changes, then you can find it by navigating to Accessories -> Luggage -> Luggage Hooks and Fittings.
Indeed, SJS have a widde variety of bits and bobs that could be used for repairs to a wide range of luggage, or, for the more adventurous, as "professional" mounts to suit "home made" luggage!

The new mounting strip cost me £9.99 + £2.50 postage, so that's £12.49 overall (so that is about $20, 15 Euros). With a new pannier costing in the region of £45 inc. postage ($72, 54 Euros), the repair job seems like money well spent!

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