Saturday, 13 December 2014

Pannier Problems

The mounting strip on one of our Bike Bins panniers
has a split in it!

Remember our long-term favourite pannier?
The Bike Bins hard-sided, lockable pannier?
Anna finally broke one!
Not completely - just damaged one of the mounts.
I have ordered what, to me, looks like a similar mounting strip from SJS Cyles.
(the one I ordered is designed for Altura panniers, but it is still a Rixen and Kaul item, like the Bike Bins mounting strip), and apart from the clour of the mounting hooks, it looks identical.
Updates to follow when the new mounting strip arrives!

Update 21/12/14:
All fixed now :-)
A REALLY easy repair!

A pair of Bike Bins on
my (defunct) folding bike
The mounting bar has split

A second crack on the mounting bar
has also formed
When pushed closed, the big split just looks like a long scratch.
The split near the screw that holds the mounting clips is also
visible in this pic

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