Saturday, 13 December 2014

Problems in Paradise

As many of you know, I live in Aylesbury, which is much more "cycle-friendly" than many English towns.
Well, as I was enhoying the local cycling infrastructure, I encountered a problem ...

There seems to be a lorry blocking the crossing !!!
The road was heavily congested further up, and the driver was just TOO SELF-OBSESSED to leave the crossing clear.
It isn't as if anyone could nip into the "gap" that he SHOULD have left (see Highway Code, paragraph 192) - there are no side turnings that anyone could nip in from!

Perhaps if more folks left their cars at home (like I did), and got on their bikes (like I did), there wouldn't be as much congestion in the first place - but you know how it is - too many folks are just too lazy. Then they wonder why they get the diseases of inactivity (heart disease, stroke, and if their inactivity causes them to be obese, diabetes too).

Yep, this is the Douglas Road crossing that I saw two motorists "jump" the red light on during the week.
And now, having got to Saturday, there is a whacking great Arla lorry blocking it.

How exactly am I supposed to cross the road?

Thanks, Arla - I will bear that in mind next time I buy dairy products. There ARE other dairy suppliers, you know, even though you (Arla) have a fancy new dairy just outside town.
So, I'll not be buying your Anchor, Lurpack, Castello, etc. etc. brands until your drivers learn some manners.

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