Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Utility Tips: The KLICKfix Lightclip

Rixon and Kaul Light Clip.
So you have your bike kitted out for some serious utility cycling.
That may well include a front basket.

The problem:
So then you mount you light on the handlebar, and tha basket and load gets in the way, so you can't see the potholes, and other folks can't really see you so well.

A possible solution:
The Light Clip from Rixon and Kaul.
It screws onto the front of a wire basket, and provides an extension for mounting your light bracket on.
The material is hard plastic with a slightly rough "matt" finish, so your light bracket should grip to it just fine.

The size of the round bit seems to be about 23.7mm (that's what my calipers say!), but the "final" diameter is going to depend a bit on how snugly it fits onto your basket, so I guess it will probably be about 25mm (1 inch) when mounted.

For two lumps of plastic and a couple of screws it seems a bit on the pricey side at about £7 to £8 (about $11 to $13, 8.5 to 10 Euros), and is available from SJS Cycle and Amazon, amongst others.
On the other hand, it does offer an easy, and stylish, solution to the problem of where to mount the front light if you have a basket.

So, seeing as I actually have a Klickfix Light Clip, why is mine still in the packaging, and likely to remain so for  while?

Well, when I rebuilt Mermaid in the Summer, I took off the front rack and basket, and I am still fiddling with the handlebar position and suchlike, so I haven't refitted the basket yet.
And Anna's bike?
I made an adapter from a suitable steel bracket that came with one of our many lights, and just screwed it through the mesh of Anna's Basil basket :-)

Would I recommend the Rixon and Kaul Klickfix Light Clip?
One could always mount the light:
1) on the fork leg (that's where most front lights were 30 years ago, and indeed, the Pashley Mailstar I rode last Spring has a light mount on the fork leg!);
2) on the front fender (that's where the light mount on my Cinzia was)
3) under the basket, using the fender mount

Or like me, you could always make or adapt a light bracket and use that instead!

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